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Convenience meets simplicity at our table tennis center with our hassle-free payment options. Paying by Direct Debit or BACS is a breeze, offering you a seamless and efficient way to ensure uninterrupted access to our facilities and programs. By choosing these secure methods, you can effortlessly manage your payments while focusing on what matters most – enjoying the thrill of table tennis. Follow our easy steps to set up Direct Debit or initiate a BACS transfer, and experience the ease of managing your membership with us. Join our vibrant community stress-free and keep the focus where it belongs – on the game!

Our BACS details are:

Account no: 17131247
Sort code: 05-04-69


Passionate about the artistry of table tennis, our club brings together players of all levels in a spirited community dedicated to the thrill of the game. Join us as we celebrate camaraderie, skill, and the joy of every rally – where every match is a story, and every player is a valued chapter in our table tennis family.


4th Floor of JL Brierley’s Turnbridge Mills
Quay Street

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