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Meet the dedicated team that brings the heartbeat to our table tennis club!

Comprising passionate individuals who share a common love for the sport, our staff is committed to creating an inclusive and engaging environment for all members. From our experienced coaches, eager to impart their wealth of knowledge and skills, to our friendly administrative staff who ensure seamless operations, each member of our team plays a crucial role in making your table tennis experience unforgettable.

Our staff members are not just professionals; they are enthusiasts driven by a shared commitment to promoting the joy and excitement that table tennis brings. Get to know the faces behind the scenes, as they work tirelessly to cultivate a thriving and supportive community within our club.

Whether you’re seeking guidance, assistance, or simply a friendly chat, our team is here to enhance your table tennis journey every step of the way.

Tim Dyson

Administrator / Coach

TTE Level 1 coach

Paul Simpson


TTE Level 2 coach

Kevin Senior


TTE Level 1 coach

Frederic Le Doeuff


TTE Level 1 coach
Tournament organiser

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Passionate about the artistry of table tennis, our club brings together players of all levels in a spirited community dedicated to the thrill of the game. Join us as we celebrate camaraderie, skill, and the joy of every rally – where every match is a story, and every player is a valued chapter in our table tennis family.


4th Floor of JL Brierley’s Turnbridge Mills
Quay Street

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