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Embark on a journey of skill refinement and strategic mastery with our exclusive coaching sessions at the table tennis centre.

Our team of seasoned coaches is dedicated to unlocking your full potential, offering personalized guidance tailored to your unique playing style and goals. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking fundamental skills or an advanced player aiming for precision, our coaching program provides an immersive experience to elevate your game.

Join us in a collaborative environment where our coaches, with their wealth of knowledge and passion for the sport, are ready to guide you towards excellence. Discover the transformative power of coaching and take your table tennis prowess to new heights with us!

Tim Dyson

Administrator / Coach

TTE Level 1 coach

Paul Simpson


TTE Level 2 coach

Kevin Senior


TTE Level 1 coach

Frederic Le Doeuff


TTE Level 1 coach
Tournament organiser


Passionate about the artistry of table tennis, our club brings together players of all levels in a spirited community dedicated to the thrill of the game. Join us as we celebrate camaraderie, skill, and the joy of every rally – where every match is a story, and every player is a valued chapter in our table tennis family.


4th Floor of JL Brierley’s Turnbridge Mills
Quay Street

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